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Drayton Manor Theme Park


Cafe International is being dubbed as the FASTEST GROWING events company in Staffordshire and here’s why!

In January 2018 we started with the idea of one festival… before even trading we grew this to 4 in one year.

Our first event in May saw 20k plus visitors on ONE DAY. The biggest amount any new festival in Lichfield has seen. Our 40 traders sold out, some twice after restocking. Our bar sold out 3 times, and Booker warehouse sold out completely of Kegs of beer the bar HAD TO CLOSE at 8pm (two hours before advertised)

We have teamed up with Drayton Manor Theme Park, and as a part of their Summer Sensation, are holding a Food Festival, Mid-August on the park itself!

We have also teamed up with Lichfield District Council and are planning the biggest new festivals Lichfield has ever seen for 2019! Watch this space… we are taking over the whole park.

  • Our social media posts reach 100k
  • Our banners go up on every entry point to Lichfield
  • We advertise in all the newspapers in Staffordshire
  • We have spaces for adverts everywhere!


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